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Rubber Processing


Our organization provides highly proficient personnel who are dedicated to helping businesses fulfill their manufacturing needs. With our extensive expertise, we are equipped to serve a diverse array of industries, encompassing electronics, household products, automotive parts, and various other functional components.

Garbage Cans

Plastic Containers

Our company offers skilled personnel who assist businesses in manufacturing various plastic containers, including trash cans, bins, and other containers suitable for both residential and commercial use. It is possible that you have one of these versatile containers in your own home.



Our company specializes in offering skilled employees who assist companies in manufacturing parts for vehicles, aircraft, electronic components  etc.. These employees ensure that every part is meticulously checked fro imperfections. By providing this crucial service, we help companies maintain the highest standards of safety and reliability in their respective industry.

Glass Water Bottle


Our company offers skilled employees who specialize in assisting companies in the manufacturing of  bottles. These employees are proficient in producing caps of various sizes to suit the specific requirements of our clients. Additionally, they are also adept at creating packaging designs and labels that are tailored to the branding and marketing needs of the companies we work with.

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